Flasks from Rotpunkt

Today I received a set of coffee flasks from my friends at Rotpunkt. They offer over 200 different products online and deliver very quickly.

Rotpunkt produces flasks and jugs in a lot of trendy colors and I particularly like the turquoise flask with a nice design.

They also have flasks for outdoor activities, like going on a picnic. I like this flask, which can be used for warm or cold food (it comes with a spoon) or beverages. As a fan of cold brew coffee, I immediately tested the flask to see if it could keep my cold brew cold enough to take to work. And yes, it works perfectly! No lukewarm coffee, but ice-ice-cold, just the way I like it!

Rotpukt also sent me a very stylish dark brown flask. This model also comes in different other colors, like mystic blue, classic white, crazy red, black honey, shiny amethyst, sparkling green, shiny bubblegum and shiny jade.

The people from Rotpunkt pride themselves that they produce flasks which keep warm beverages heated uptil 20 hours – yes, the ‘Deutsche Gründlichkeit’ – ! That is a long time. Off course, if you are a coffee freak, your coffee will not last that long because you will have finished it sooner!

Another flask that I like is this timeless model which looks like stainless steel. Very nice to use at the office in a meeting!

Go check out their website and see what they how many models (modern, vintage and timeless) have in different colors! www.rotpunkt4u.de

And from 01/06 til 30/06, you get a 20% summer discount! What are you waiting for?